What Am I Doing?

I'm in the imaginary arms, of the person i love,

for he does not hold me,kiss, me, or love me

like i love him.

always did,

would forever,

and this makes me sad

it makes me feel terrible

on a somewhat constant basis,

On one hand i love him,

and therefore he deserves this love

but why don't i get loved in return

this sounds like some classic story

Of a one way love

where someones always hurt

and someones always guilty.

But as much as this love can destroy me,

and definitely break my heart

i still want him to be happy

even if that means a life without me

and i will replay the memories of our love

forever in my head

and though it shall be accompanied

by pain

i'll know i did the right thing.

but for now i'm just confused,

not sure what step to take

wondering if i'll be broken again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thinking again.

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