Superhero [English Story]

Azan was bursting with excitement as he raced through the night sky, knowing of his superhuman strength and speed. He had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to have this moment. The wind blowing through his hair, Azan admired the city lights below him, feeling empowered in knowing that it was all within his reach. Suddenly, he heard a cry for help from a nearby apartment building, and without further hesitation, Azan flew down towards it to face whatever danger lurked inside.


His heart pounding with excitement, Azan flew down to investigate and found a young woman being robbed at gunpoint by two criminals. With no hesitation or fear, Azan stepped forward and used his superpowers to knock the robbers unconscious. The victim was visibly relieved as she realized who had just saved her life - the city's protector superhero, Azan!


“Thanks a million!”, said the woman in tears.


“You’re welcome”, Azan said.


Azan had become a local celebrity throughout the town with news of his heroic acts quickly traveling to all corners. Everywhere he went, people would thank him for faithfully devoting himself to protecting those in need and helping out those who were victims of villainous plots. With media attention firmly on him, Azan found himself thrust into the spotlight as stories about his valiant efforts spread across televisions and radios alike. Everyone wanted to know more about this superhero and what new adventures he may embark on next!


The gang of criminals was fuming with anger and jealousy as they planned to take down their arch-nemesis, the superhero Azan. With a wide range of diabolical schemes conspiring in their minds, there was nothing stopping them from getting their revengeful satisfaction. The intensity in the room increased, even more, when each member of the gang shared ideas on how cruel and unusual they could make their plan for Azan. One criminal named Crowe said, “I’ll kill Azan!”


The criminals had been researching every single second of CCTV footage from Azan's occurrences, as well as scouring through masses of media photographs but they still had not discovered the superhero's identity. It was almost like a game to them - trying to piece together the puzzle and find out who he really is. Every night their level of excitement would raise until it peaked when the next trail was uncovered.


They were getting frustrated as none of the pictures revealed anything about his appearance; all that could be seen was a tall, dark figure on the screen. The criminals knew they had to keep looking if they wanted to find out who this mysterious superhero was. Little did they know that their search would never bear fruit; after all, no one had ever seen Azan's face! The criminals' source said,


“Azan might live in an abandoned building.”


“Let’s go and teach him a good lesson!”, uttered the gang leader Dang.


The criminals were filled with excitement as they heard their source's words - Azan, the notorious superhero, may live in an abandoned building right near them. They had been searching high and low everywhere imaginable for him and now they could finally have a shot at finding him. Not wasting any time, they set off immediately to the decrepit building that was supposedly his home base. If luck was on their side, there would be no doubt that tonight would be the night of Azan's downfall.


The criminals crept through the darkness of the abandoned building, scouring every corner and crevice for a sign of the superhero Azan. They had come to capture him and take revenge on whatever justice he thought he was fulfilling. As they searched, their excitement rose to know that soon enough they would have their enemy right in front of them. Suddenly, one of the criminals stumbled upon an old mirror tucked away in the back room with words written in bold lettering across it- “Good luck”.


The criminals tracked down their target, Azan, to an abandoned building, yet were unable to find him. As they trudged away in disappointment and confusion, one of them heard a familiar voice chattering on the TV news reporting from the nearby crime scene; it was Azan! They paused for some seconds with excitement before quickly skulking away. He had been helping another victim in need instead of fleeing and hiding like any other villain would do. Dang furiously uttered, “Damn!”


Azan was ready to take on the criminals. He gathered his supplies and weapons and drove to their hideout the next day. His heart raced with excitement; he knew he would finally finish what he had started. When Azan arrived, the criminals were in shock and armed themselves against him instantly. However, Azan's agility and tenacity quickly took over as a wave of determination ran through him, giving him an upper hand in this epic battle! Dang mockingly said smoking a cigar and holding a gun,


“Welcome to HELL!”


Azan sarcastically said, “Pleasure!”


Azan could hardly believe his luck; the criminals had opened fire but somehow he had managed to dodge all of their bullets. He heard each gunshot pierce through the atmosphere and knew that at any moment one of those bullets could end up hitting him, yet miraculously they all missed! Adrenaline coursed through Azan's veins as he pulled out his own weapon and charged toward them. The criminals hesitated for a moment, almost as if they realized what was about to happen next.


Azan was ecstatic when he called the police. He felt a sense of justice coming, as this was what needed to be done after beating and tying up the crooks in a corner. The police arrived shortly thereafter and immediately arrested the thugs for their crimes. Azan could not hold back his elation as he watched them being led away in handcuffs, grateful that his hard work had paid off and that justice had been served.


He had left as soon as the police arrived, but they combed every inch looking for any trace of him. He seemed to have disappeared into thin air! The officers searched high and low but Azan was nowhere to be seen; every nook, cranny, and even potential hiding place yielded no clues. Everywhere they looked showed no trace of Azan whatsoever. It was almost like a miracle—how could someone disappear so quickly without a trace?



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