True Love Never Dies! [Flash Ficton]

In 1st Person Point of View:

I, Ridoy Rayhan, love Neela madly like the way Majnun loved Layla. I just cannot translate my inner feelings into words! Perhaps, I will never be able to. It is just impossible. When I first saw her, the moment was magical! Neela came to the veranda to water the little plants there. She was wearing a blue saree; the colorful bangles in her hands were looking like the rainbow. In fact, they were making a soothing clinking sound while she was moving her hands every now and then.

Neela saw me looking at her like a drug addict! I smiled a little but she frowned a little; she also felt shy and went back inside. That was the first time I saw her. I felt like this was the girl that God created for me; my soulmate she was going to be! From the next day onwards, waiting outside Neela’s home to have a glimpse of her became my routine. Like a crazy person, I used to wait on and on to see her even for a second. There were days when I was quite fortunate; some days were not that favorable. One day while Neela was going to the college, I stood before her and said, “I love you,” please accept this red rose; it’s a symbol of my love for you!” She replied, “Sorry, I can’t; I am getting late for the class; leave me alone.” When I insisted several times, Neela took the flower and threw it away near the dustbin.

On the next day, I offered Neela another rose, but she did as usual- took it and threw it away. Fortunately, on the 11th day of offering the red rose, Neela took the flower, looked at me and smiled like Vinci’s Mona Lisa! She did not throw the rose! That was the greatest and the most beautiful moment in my life! I felt an uncontrollable thrill! It felt like the electricity was flowing through all the veins of my body! I looked at the sky spreading my arms and screamed like a lion, “I love you, Neela!” She was feeling shy because the onlookers were curiously looking at us then especially me!

Alas! I could not catch my dream! Now, Neela is another person’s wife now. Her parents did not prefer me as a prospective bridegroom because of my family status. Sometimes, I ask myself, “Is it my fault being born in a poor family?” I have decided not to marry! I will never, neither will I ever try to persuade her to return to me. Yes, I will continue to love Neela from the distance even if it is one-dimensional. Platonic love let it be!


The Scene in Omniscient Point of View:

Ridoy Rayhan loves Neela as Majnun used to love Layla. His feelings, emotions for her are inexpressible. Actually, even if he tries to, he cannot ever do so. Impossible it seems at this moment. Their first meeting, not a meeting really, the first looking at each other happened rather magically! The day seemed romantic; the gentle breeze was blowing all over; the milieu appeared heavenly. Neela’s intention behind coming to the veranda was watering the thirsty plants who were eagerly waiting for the beautiful Neela to come and nourish them as ever. Her blues saree made her look like a Greek Goddess! The bangles that she had in her hands were adding more beauty to her overall persona. They were clinking sweetly like a chime and Ridoy was enjoying the sound.    

Ridoy’s eyes looked bigger than normal as he is extremely captivated by Neela’s matches beauty. She must have considered him to be someone doing drugs! He subconsciously smiled looking at her but she replied by a frowning look. Certainly, Neela’s cheeks turned red because of shyness and she went back to her room. That was the very moment when Ridoy saw her for the first time. A sort of feeling made him think that God created her for him alone. As a schoolboy goes to school every day, similarly, Ridoy started going near Neela’s home on a daily basis. He used to wait to look at her at least once. It was nothing less than madness; he was mad in love! At times, favored him, at times, did not. However, he never lost hope and confidence. He knew it in his heart that she would be his someday! Once when Ridoy saw Neela going to the college, he stopped her and said, “I am in love you,” ‘Would you please accept this red rose?”; It’s not just a rose, It’s my heart that I am giving to you!” She did not look angry but was a bit embarrassed for sure; she replied, “Sorry! I need to go now!” On his child-like insistence, she took the flower and threw it near the dustbin.     

Ridoy did not get disheartened whatsoever. He offered Neela another rose on the following day. She did look so “serious” as the day before- took and threw the flower as she did yesterday. On a certain 11th day, Neela accepted the rose, and smiled exactly like Mona Lisa in Vinci’s famed and eternal painting! She did not repeat the action, which means that she did not throw the rose away! That was the most glorious instance for Ridoy! He was so excited that he felt like he would die of a heart attack! An adrenaline rush was all over his body! Being extremely romantic, he extended his arms and sounded exactly like a lion when he screamed, “Neela, I love you; you’re mine, mine alone!” Neela’s cheeks got red like the carrots. She felt so shy on the street that she covered her face with her hands eventually!  

“What is lotted, cannot be blotted!” At present, Neela is the spouse of someone else. Ridoy was never preferred as a bridegroom for her by her parents. At times, particularly going to the bed at night, Ridoy asks himself, “Is it a crime to be born in an impoverished family?” From then on, he did not involve himself in any sort of affair; he is still unmarried and has decided to remain so. Nevertheless, one thing is certain- no matter what happens in life, Ridoy will continue to love Neela from the core of his heart. He will never approach or disturb her. His love will be one-sided and Platonic in nature just like the lover in Poe’s beautiful poem, “Annabel Lee”!

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