A Selfish Person! [Flash Fiction]

It was s sunny day. I was waiting for the bus and sweating like hell! My blue shirt is utterly wet. It looked like I had just had a shower! When the bus arrived, I rushed to get on as soon as possible since there were so many people waiting and trying to go inside to grab the seats.

Just before me at the door, an old man was endeavoring to get on the bus. I moved him aside with my elbow and went ahead. The old man fell and said,

- May God curse you!

Coming back to the door, I loudly said,

- Just go to hell, you fucking old man!

Ironically, by the time I went back further ahead inside the bus, no seats were empty. I had to stand up. It was already too hot. Moreover, the bus was jampacked! I was sweating more than before. I felt like being suffocated. The person standing next to me tried to start a conversation by getting his tongue out,

- I think I know you, yes, I saw you somewhere!

- Maybe, but I don’t know you.

I was not in the mood to talk since the weather was so unfavorable. I just wanted to keep quiet. The man got his tongue out again and asked,

- Brother, am I disturbing you?

Actually, he “was” disturbing me by trying to continue the conversation; he was annoying me more by getting his tongue out every time he uttered a sentence! However, I gently said,

- No, not at all!

The man got his tongue out and laughed as if he were relaxed that I was not feeling irritated. He said,

- Are you married, brother?

- Why do you wanna know that?

- To be frank, brother, I am a matchmaker. Here goes my visiting card, if you need any wedding assistance, please feel free to let me know; I will ever be there to help you out.

I took the card unwillingly with a fake smile and looked at it. The man’s name was Ghotok Mia. The bus had stopped at a station; Ghtotok Mia, hurriedly finding his way out, said showing his tongue as usual,

- Take care, brother. Goodbye.

I did not bid him goodbye; I rather derided by thinking that what a weird person Ghtotok Mia was!

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