Platonic Love [Flash Fiction]

Everything is more than perfect with Rajeeb’s life. A lucrative job, own apartment, car and so on. An outsider will think that he has everything that brings happiness. However, Rajeeb badly needs someone, a girl he used to be crazily in love with. Her name is Tinni.

All was well. Tinni suspected Rajeeb of being in another clandestine affair with a girl. Every now and then, they used to quarrel with each other. One day, Tinni broke the love-affair. Her last words still resonate in his ears,

- I hate you; I hate you!

Like the falling rain, she was crying in pain while leaving. Now, Rajeeb feels that he has lost a diamond. When he realized his guilt after so many days, he searched for Tinni but it was in vain. He is still single in the hope that he will get her and her love back someday!

Now, all Rajeeb has are the sweetest and bitterest of memories related to Tinni. The most precious thing he has is her photograph where she is smiling being so shy like a newly-wed bride in Bangladesh. Every night he looks at the image, touches it with his fingers, kisses it, keeps it on his bosom, closes his eyes and reminisces about the olden, romantic moments.

One fine day, Rajeeb feels an extreme headache. It is not something new with him. He has been under such pain on a regular interval. Nevertheless, the severity of the headache surpasses that of other days. He takes a short leave and returns home. Rajeeb takes some painkillers and goes to bed. He falls asleep. When he awakes, he finds himself in a hospital. His parents and relatives are also there. All of them are crying like babies. Rajeeb gets puzzled! He asks himself, “Why are all of them crying?” Maybe something happened but he is still alive! They are mourning as if he is going to breathe his last!

Rajeeb will indeed breathe only 24 hours! The doctors have diagnosed his brain and found a tumor. The lamenting parents ask a doctor,

- For god’s sake, please save my son! Please…!

- Please do not worry. We can save him if we can operate now.

Rajeeb can hardly speak. Hearing the doctor’s words, he uses gestures like the movement of his eyes towards his mother to go near him. He whispers,

- Timnii’z pho…to! Tell da daktorz not to ope…rate n…ow!

Though the words are not clear enough, the mother understands what her son is talking about. She feels that Rajeeb wants to see the photo of Tinni before the operation. But, the picture is at home. It will take 25 minutes to get it. She requests the doctor,

- Could you please operate him after some time?

- Impossible! Every second counts! If we delay, your son will surely die!

Rajeeb’s mother insists. She rushes like the stormy wind to get the girl's photo! Mother returns. The son departs! Rajeeb is no more!

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