Mangoes are Sour! [Flash Fiction]

While walking back home, I have bought some ripe mangoes [A]. I was crazy about mangoes in my childhood especially the ripe ones. I just could not resist myself from climbing my neighbors' mango trees and stealing the most popular fruit in the world! My friend, Imu, a partner in crime [B]. I am not a child anymore, yet I have that old habit. Once, my father, a policeman by profession, happens to see me on a mango tree while I keep on trying to grab the most ripened ones. He shouts at me like a lion- "Climb down!" I do so like a thunderbolt and run towards home. I try my best to convince my mother to cajole father in order to calm him after he returns. Fortunately, father returns home late due to certain busyness. Even on the next day, he does not yell at me; maybe he has forgotten the incident. [D] Imu tells that there are awesome mangoes nearby. We rush towards the spot. Climbing the tree, I start plucking the mangoes. While climbing higher, I lose control and fall straight down! [C]. The neighbors take me to the doctor. I am slowly getting well [E], 

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