Md. Ziaul Haque's Statement of Teaching Philosophy

As far as my teaching philosophy goes, I do believe that each student is unique. All the students deserve to have a motivating educational milieu where they can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and communally. It is my fervent desire to craft this sort of atmosphere where the pupils can meet their far-reaching potential. Furthermore, I will provide a benign environment to the students so that they can spontaneously share their ideas.


Every classroom is unique. As the teacher, I will assist each student as far as improving the potential and learning styles are concerned. Moreover, I will slot in pro-active education, cooperative erudition, assignments, themes, and individual task to involve and stimulate the learning of the students. 


Everyday my sole purpose will be to take an open mind along, a progressive approach, and high prospects to the classroom. I believe that I am obliged to my pupils, as well as the society to bring steadiness, persistence, and cordiality to my job in the expectation that I can eventually enthuse and embolden such attributes in the students too.


It goes without saying that a teacher is ethically beholden to enter the classroom with only the maximum of prospects for each and every one of his/her pupils. As a consequence, the teacher can get the most out of the constructive benefits that obviously tag along with any self-fulfilling foresight. Certainly, with devotion, determination, and hard-work, my students will develop and prepare themselves for the present and future.


In the end, I take pride in saying that I am a lifelong learner and teaching is a process that ever provides me with the outstanding opportunity to learn from my students, coworkers, parents, and the society. For instance, I can learn innovative strategies, original notions, and different philosophies. Most prominently, my educational philosophy may change with the passage of time. If so, it will just be the proof of the fact I have grown and learnt unique things.

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