He Died while Having Sex! [English Story]

Antonio: I wanna die while having sex!

Giovanni: Is it the one thing that you desire the most?

Antonio: O Yeah!

Giovanni: What? You must be kidding!

Antonio: No, my friend, I really mean it!

            Antonio, the Italian playboy aged 63, has slept with 5,999 women so far. The next one to sleep with would be a super special one since it is going to get him the round figure- 6,000! He reckons that he is lucky enough as he does not have to wait much to kiss the record!

            Antonio is having a drink inside a bar. All of a sudden, a young girl of gorgeous beauty draws his attention. In fact, the four eyes meet. The girl may be 22 or 23. She has blonde hair, sexy lips and huge breasts. Moreover, she is as curvy as a snake! They stare at each other as if they were so familiar! Antonio approaches her with his famous playboy-smile!

- Hi, may I buy you a drink?

- Ok.

            This is just the beginning. Antonio is a real player. A highly experienced one. He knows it rather well how to delve deep into a girl’s heart and unlock it! Within a few fucking seconds, the luscious girl provides Antonio with the sign of getting physically involved with him. Since Antonio is a great reader of body language, he finds no difficulty in understanding her mind.

            Antonio takes the girl inside his car. Both of them get their clothes off. They appear as the lion and the lioness in the jungle. Breaths get hotter. The passionate foreplay is at work! All sorts of moaning are heard. Antonio smiles a little while having sex with the girl because he thinks that he has achieved something extraordinary! The girl asks,

- Why are you smiling dear?

- Fuck you baby!

- O yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!

- You are so hot baby!

- Fuck!  

            Without answering to the question, Antonio smiles again and kisses her and bites her silk-like soft lips maybe to stop her from asking more questions again! Now, sex feels so satisfying and enjoyable that he feels like flying in heaven!

            Antonio is sweating like a boxer and panting like a dog! The girl is about to reach orgasm, so is he. At that very moment, Antonio stops moving for a few seconds. He falls on her body just like a dead tree into the river. He has had a massive heart attack!

            The shocked girl has called paramedics but it is of no avail. Antonio does not survive. He dies while having sex as he has ever wanted to!

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