No One Else

It's happening again.

You're so close, 

But feel

Miles and miles away.

And I'm alone.

In some glorified dungeon,

Waiting for you,

To come be with me.


I'm getting too old for this shit.

I feel mentally spent.

And emotionally drained.

What a fucking day!

A day I spent with you.

It was one hell of a ride..

But between you and me,

Baby, I had 

The time of my life.

And I'd do it all again.

Yes, I'd do it all

Over again. 


There's no one else

Like you.

No one else.

That can make me feel

The way you do.

No one else.

I'd go to the ends of the earth for.


Maybe we're moving to fast.

I'll slow down, if it's too much.

I listen and take your advice.

You build me up,

But please don't tear me down.

Cuz believe me, you can.

Like no one else.




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sounds like real love to me

sounds like real love to me just waiting to bloom

ron parrish