Whenever I see you 

You put me under

Some spell

I don't know how you do

Some strange voodoo

I just go so


It's actually kind of 


And embarrassing.

I can't seem

To get my bearings

I don't know how you do

I don't know how 

You manage to do this to me

It's kind of like being 

Swept off my feet

In the same breath,

Knocked down to the floor

The way you judge me 



And to be honest, 

You'll never understand 

How it hurts me.

As much as I vie,

Will I ever measure up?

Or be just enough?

Maybe I'm better off 

Sitting alone 

In this empty home

How I longed to share

Your company...




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love should be equal,not

love should be equal,not putting you down,but building you up

ron parrish

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He does build me up. I've

He does build me up. I've been told before I'm "ultra-sensitive".

Some times people say things that I don't want to hear, but it comes from a place of love, the criticism.. 

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true love will always prevail

true love will always prevail

ron parrish