The Betrayal

A single kiss of goodbye with false intention

How you played me like a fool

Making me believe in such pseudo-factions

All for this betrayal of avarice

Allowing me to be swallowed by the beast


Do you enjoy seeing people suffer?

Obviously using others as a mere tool

Gaining something that’s wrongly yours

Using nepotism as your weapon

Calibrating your next move on the board


Retaliation is in repetition!

Your ultimate demise will come!

Perish with your filthy lies and die!

Prepare yourself, demeaning nepotistic!

Become Satan’s bitch and be sodomized!


Like a cockroach, you roll back and forth

Doing the meaningless shit in repeat

You can’t be saved by other insects you killed

You have already slain your brothers

You savagely raped your sisters


No one will help you

Your true visage has shown

Why do you insist on living?

Why don’t you just give up already?

The beast is wanting to fuck you badly


Let the miasma consume you

The void will assist your reluctance to go

Prepare yourself, the beast thirsts to lust

Demoting you to nothing more than a toy

You will continue being fucked by the beast


The arousal you once had is now gone

The beast has taken your pain into pleasure

As you suffer from the penetration

The beast is lusting to release his seed inside

You will become barren and rendered unless


Be happy for your faults!

A toast to your achievements of lies!

A kiss for your despair!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Caution: This poem contains strong language and suggestive themes that is not suitable for those under 18 years of age. Viewer discertion is highly advised.

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I can feel the anger in your words. Good job.

greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends