Bittersweet Solidity

Your spirit is lost

Because your soul is split

Your heart is broken and tossed

And you've found yourself in the darkest pit 



In your chest

Fluttering that never dies

Leaving you not to know rest 



Your still alive and you can survive

So much pain you think your going insane

To be rid of this pain you will strive 



With them come solidity

All of a sudden everything clears

With a sense of lucidity 


Your salvation comes from within

Your abilities know no limits

As long as the wheels continue to spin

Opportunities reveal every couple minuets 



The pain hurts of course

But that pain is strength not a weakness

That pain can be a driving force 


The more you endure

The stronger you become

For that I am sure

Do not give in and try to numb 


Of your love she is the pinnacle

You miss her I know

She is a walking miracle

But this is your time to glow

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