one day they'll tell you she's with someone else and it's the happiest they've ever seen her, and you will struggle to breathe. Your chest will get tight and your hands will fail to work and you'll drop what you're holding, I hope it's not glass. 

You'll remember every little thing, how you thought she'd always be there to take you back and now she's not. The nights under the stars and the days down by the river will replay in your head and your heart will begin to break and you won't know how to hold it together anymore. You thought being apart from her was the right thing for awhile but my god now you don't know how you're going to live without her. You'll decide to call her and tell her you miss her and her voice will be soft just like you remembered it to be, but it will no longer be loving. you'll realize she isn't holding back the words I love you because it's no longer something she wants to say to you, and she'll probably tell you "i waited for so long to hear the words you are saying and I thought they would actually mean something to me, but they do not and I am

now loved by the person I have waited for my whole life" 

and it'll hit you, that's when it will really hit you. you'll wonder why you had to mess it up, now you know it was her, it was her all along, it has always been her... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its been awhile since I posted so here's a new one. Hope you all enjoy xoxo

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I think you must know

Something about something.

Great write.


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thank you, xoxo!