heartbreak at its finest...

because for months i sat and repeated your lastname to myself and how prefectly it went with my first.

 in the months after you left i tried my hardest to forget your name but it somehow always found a way to slip out of my mouth and it burnt my tongue like acid and maybe that's why i stopped eating. 

when i said i couldn't live without you i was serious, maybe that's why i can no longer breathe because my ribs are breaking without you here, and now i need you most but where have you gone? 

i still often wonder if i ever cross your mind, if you ever open your eyes in the morning and roll over to greet me only to feel an empty space where my body used to lay beside yours or if you maybe have another woman in your bed now. 

we would sit and plan our lives together, where we would live, where we would travel, how many kids we would have. there was always a void when you talked about the future, i now realize it's because your future is full of lies and secrets just like you. 

you are a tortured soul and oh how stupid of me to believe i could fix you. how stupid of me to believe you could love someone other than yourself. 

you turned away and you haven't looked back since but god how i hope ill get a text from an unknown number telling me "it has been you all along, i miss you" 

and if you showed up on my door step even now i wouldn't hesitate to wrap my arms around you and ask you what has taken so long, that it was home when i was with you. 


that i still love you just as much as before... you are still my soft spot... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for anyone with a broken heart.

if you need to vent feel free to message me.  


dedicated to an ex lover, you will always be the one ❤️

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It's hard to read a poem that

It's hard to read a poem that makes you feel this way. But once you start it's much harder to stop. I enjoyed it and regrettably I can relate. Thank you for sharing.

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Glad you enjoyed! xoxo

Glad you enjoyed! xoxo