There’s a story out of Norway about a hunter on the loose

Who, in the forest, aimed his rifle at an unsuspecting moose!


The hunter shot but the moose never looked up, no he never even slowed

As the bullet missed him by a mile and hit a man on his commode.


The man was in his cabin’s bathroom with the doors and windows shut

When the errant bullet entered and lodged inside his gut.


He was taken to the hospital after his surprised discovery

And is expected, despite his injury, to make a full recovery.


If you think about it, this man was shot with no warning…no appeal

I wonder if he now knows how a hunted moose must feel!


The embarrassed hunter was quickly taken to the nearest police station

Where he’ll have to answer questions during his interrogation.


Does anyone else see the irony in this bumbling hunter’s plan?

How he shoot’s a man on a toilet and he ends up in the can!


While the unsuspecting moose, as fate would have it got away

To roam the forests, and if he’s lucky live another day.


If not irony then perhaps there’s poetic justice in this case

Because there’s a moose alive in Norway today with a big smile on his face.




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Haha, yes I read about that.

Haha, yes I read about that. Only downside.. I would have prefered the hunter to be the one shot. There's never, ever any justification for randomly shooting any living creature for fun or "sport" A greatly amusing write. :-) X