Home Made Pasta

Deborah and I took a pasta class and our pasta turned out great

Consensus was it was the most delicious pasta that we ever ate.


Although in hindsight I must admit what made the pasta taste divine,

Was all the hard work that went into it, and of course there was the wine...


At any rate last night we decided to make pasta on our own

After all we had the recipe and the process we’ve been shown.


We followed that recipe to the letter right from the very start

But the dough we ended up with was too dry and fell apart.


We decided to add some water and the pasta came out fine

But It was at this juncture we realized we forgot to buy the wine!


Because no matter how many mistakes you make in cooking this I swear

After a couple glasses of your favorite wine you find that you don’t care!


In the pasta class the dough kneaded out effortlessly without a fret

At home it involved a little swearing and a quite lot of sweat.


The pasta machine in our class rolled it out without a mess

At home the identical machine was the cause of endless stress.


First the pasta wouldn’t roll out at all then it rolled out way to slow

And it didn’t help when two times I dropped the handle on my toe.


Eventually we fixed the problem but our raviolis were too thin

They were too weak to hold the ricotta filling we were putting in.


But the second batch was perfect...we got those ravioli’s loaded

And we were happy when in the boiling water only a few of them exploded.


In the end they were delicious dredged with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

We were proud of our accomplishment despite our casualties.


I must admit making home made pasta is an enjoyable way to dine

If you are going to make it then my best advice is...don’t forget the wine.





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This reminds me

This poem has the same fun and playful feel of the "Meatball" poe, we are taught as children. A very good read and it made me laugh out loud!