Every moment of every day has its beauty…from the dawning of first light…

But today I’d like to concentrate on the beauty of the night.


Darkness has a subtle way of muffling all sound as it drifts down from the heavens…blanketing the ground.


Although there is much beauty to be found in modulation, pitch and tone…

silence possesses a unique and unequaled allure…a beauty all her own.


Looking up at night one quickly discovers a beauty nonexistent in the day…it’s when the moon, the clouds and the stars all come out to play.


The clouds illuminated by the moon take on an inner glow…somersaulting…changing size and shape as across the sky they flow.


I love to watch the moon and stars as from behind the clouds they peek…it’s as if the heavens are participating in a game of hide-and-seek.


The breeze is always invisible as she makes her nightly advance…but you feel her as she passes…and you watch the trees around you dance.


The night awakens the sleeping shadows…telling them it’s time to rise…you see them shake and yawn and stretch…as they wipe the sleep from out heir eyes.


Yes, the more you walk within the night…the more you see her beauty on display…the more you feel you’re a part of her beautiful ballet.


You find yourself stopping…turning around…your pace is deliberate and slow…because there is so much there to see…and you don’t want to miss the show.


Which is why, although I love the beauty of the day…the beauty of the light…I shall also always be enamored…by the beauty of the night.

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