Nature was created in silence…her beauty meant to endear

but if we look behind her curtain of silence…what wonderful sounds we hear.


Lift the curtain on a forest path…listen to the breeze…

pause next to a field of wildflowers…listen to the bees.


Lay your ear against the wrinkled trunks and listen to the trees

Next to a lake after a winter snow…listen to the freeze.


Stop before the opening in the rocks…listen to the cave.

Stand along the shoreline…listen to the waves.


Turn your head up to the heavens…then gently close your eyes…

listen to the clouds as they soar across the sky.


Listen to the stars at night…you can almost hear their dreams.

Linger on the riverbank…listen to the stream.


Behind her curtain of silence…nature conducts her symphony.

Behind her curtain of silence…you will find her harmony.


Behind her curtain of silence…softly filling the air…

a myriad of wonders…waiting for you there.

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If I

Put my ear to a tree in Detrout I'd be arrested and given mental health advice. I can do it metaphorically though. Yes! listen to nature - listen to its needs.