I noticed it quite early…in the cool of a morning breeze

around the corner of our cabin…the sun…peeking through the trees.


Only when the sun is rising does she send out these mesmerizing rays…

Shafts of light that brighten up our morning…saying, come out play.


And there…illuminated by the sun…fluttering in the breeze

I saw a spider in her web…suspended from the trees.


As I made my way for a closer look…by its beauty I was stunned

and I wondered if the spider, like me…was enamored by the sun.


Is the spider even capable of seeing beauty through her eyes?

Does she dance within the sun’s rays as it rises in the sky?


Does she understand how day and night rise…and how they ebb?

Does she realize…while she’s creating…the beauty of her web?


Does she appreciate that beauty once its symmetry is done…

as it glows in the early morning…illuminated by the sun?


I wanted to ask the spider all these questions…but as the sun rose in the sky…I realized it was best to enjoy the moment and not to question why?


So there we stood as the day awakened…as silent as can be…

Bathed in this daily miracle…the spider…her web…and me.


Perhaps one day she’ll share her secrets with me…before my life is done

until then…I am perfectly content 


with her, 

the sun.

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What a stretch of the

What a stretch of the imagination!  It seens ripe for a sequel, too---perhaps a poem about the fly caught in this spider's web, to imagine its thoughts in that pleasant sunlight as it waits for . . . .


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