A light rain began falling this morning and when I looked up much to my surprise I saw a small cloud just above me with tears falling from her eyes.


“What’s the matter little cloud?” I asked as she floated in the sky. 

“On a beautiful morning such as this…what could make you cry?”


“It’s funny you should say beautiful.” The little cloud answered. 

“And I’m not sure you’ll understand but I see so much beauty every day as I drift across the land.”


“I see mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers.  I see oceans and the sea.

The animals, the flowers and the people…all look so beautiful to me.”


“I see beauty in every blade of grass and every drop of morning dew but how often I have wondered…if I am beautiful too.”


“Oh little cloud,” I said to her, “I can see you are compassionate…kind and sweet and dutiful…and the fact that you see beauty everywhere…why…that’s what makes you beautiful.”


“I can’t speak for all of nature…I can only speak for me but I have often thought what makes something beautiful is all the beauty you cannot see.”


“Many people look to the outside of a person and think that’s where their beauty begins, but I can tell you from experience…true beauty lies within.”


“I think I can help you little cloud.” I said. “All you need do is follow me.”

Then I took her down to the shore and as she hovered over the sea…


I said, “Perhaps today is the day we set your beauty free.

Look down into the water…into your soul..and tell me what you see.”


The little cloud looked into the water and smiled as she shook her fluffy head.

Then a tear fell from her eye as she sighed…”I am beautiful!” She said.


“Today was your lucky day!” I whispered to myself as I waved to that little cloud from afar…”for many people live their entire lives not knowing how beautiful they are”.

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