Thank goodness I was looking up this morning because, in the blink of an eye, I saw a shooting star as it flashed across the sky.


My brain tells me it’s just a rock and once it hits our atmosphere…it’s dead…but my heart tells me I glimpsed an angel flying overhead.


In the quiet of the morning I swear…I heard that angel swish…and before she faded from my view…I knew I had to make a wish.


Shooting stars are rare…in my lifetime I’ve only seen a few…so I knew this wish had to be important…if it was ever to come true.


But a shooting star, as I just said, is over in a blink…which doesn’t give the person wishing a lot of time to think.


I knew it had to be a wish for all the children of the world…all the women…all the men…because I may never get another chance to make a wish like this again.


So I closed my eyes and made this wish for me, and you…and you:

May peace and joy guide our spirits in all we say and do.


I sent that wish up to the sky…out over the ocean blue…with the hope that angel would catch it and make my wish come true.


My brain tells me making a wish on a shooting star is probably not that smart…but when it comes to making wishes…I tend to listen to my heart.



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Your poem reminds me of the

Your poem reminds me of the time I saw two flaming meteorites while I was smoking a cigarette, home with my family. I entered the house and beckoned my young step sister and her friend to gaze, pointing to the sky. I thought it might be a hallucination, like the precious night as I glimpsed the hand of god dancing a ballet stretched from the moon framed by my bedroom window; but the little girls were awestruck. The two meteors occured within a few minutes of eachother, very vivid. And since I'm here: your poetry has splendid vibes, and the rhythm of your thoughts pleasantly soar through the mind.