It’s one of life’s wonderful lessons…if you’re lucky enough to learn…how some of the most inspiring acts of kindness are done in secret…and ask for nothing in return.


It was a tiny heart painted on a tiny stone that barely caught my eye…left somewhat hidden on a park bench to be found by any passerby.


That passerby was me…out walking on my own…when I came across this tiny heart…painted on this tiny stone.


This tiny heart was multicolored…and it filled most of the tiny stone.

The artist did not sign it…preferring to remain unknown.


I imagine it was meant to bring a smile…in a small way to astound…after it was painted by the artist…hidden…and once it had been found.


I picked up that tiny stone, brought it close to my eyelid…and when I saw that tiny heart…that’s exactly what it did!


I enjoyed it for a few days then I hid it where it might catch the eye…on another day…in another place…of another passerby.


For that’s the wonder of an experience like the one I’d undergone…

Once you find a tiny bit of happiness…you want to pass it on.

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