I think of memory as an ocean that grows larger every day…a body of water that assimilates the things we do…and say,


An old photograph is like a stone tossed into that ocean sending ripples of memories to our shore…memories of a time and place we’ve visited before.


Just like when we throw a stone into the water and watch the ripples radiate and increase… we’re never quite sure how many memories a photograph will release.


Certainly we’ll remember that moment in time when the photograph was taken…but we’re also blessed with a host of memories that photograph awakens.


As our eyes scan that old photo of people and a place we knew before…we realize each person in the photo sends more ripples to our shore.


We ride upon those memories…as they drift upon the tide…happy to be taken on this sentimental ride.


Happy that one photograph can send it’s ripples wide and far

Happy to revisit some of the people…who helped to make us who we are.


That old photo makes us smile as as we remember memories entirely our own…perhaps that’s why we take so many photographs…

so we won’t run out of stones.

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