There are many people to thank in this pandemic…many workers of whom we feel reverential…but today let’s concentrate on our doctors and nurses…and why they’re so essential.


They put their lives on the line every day…their sole purpose…to keep us alive…hoping they won’t contract this virus…praying they will survive.


What would we do without our doctors and nurses?

They’ve been our Covid superstars.

How often have they have gone without seeing their families…so we could get back to seeing ours?


They say that doctors are the brains of a hospital …and nurses are its heart…but if you’ve ever spent any time in one…you know nurses are just as smart!


Thank you for the way you work together…how you turn healthcare into an art…for we know a hospital cannot function without its brain…and can’t survive without it’s heart.


So once again...thank you all you doctors and nurses…thank you…and you…and you...and until we can get back to hugging…our thanks will have to do.


WAIT!…Perhaps there is a way to thank you by listening less to our politicians and more to you when you ask…that we wash our hands, socially distance…and…for the life of everyone…wear a mask.

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Excellent Historical Capture

We are called upon to serve and risk and sacrifice and respond unwaveringly as citizens. Please e-mail this one to The New York Times. Poetry as national thank you card. We need to hear it, they need to hear this one, UP or Associated Press can spread it to national editors.