There is a little bit of magic in my morning walk…in all the miles I’ve amassed.

It’s where my present meets my future as I step out of my past.


Looking back I cannot change the path I took…that is plain to see 

but where I step into the future…that is totally up to me.


For that is the glory of a new day…that’s what my morning walk is all about…I can choose to do things differently…I can take a different route.


I could choose to walk the same path, write my poems and rhyme my words…or I could choose to leave my poetry behind and just listen to the birds.


To immerse myself into the music of the morning…letting it seep into every pore.

How often when I’ve done this have I discovered sounds I’d never heard before?


Or I could take a different path completely…one I’d never walked before…a different street, a different road…perhaps a walk along the shore.


Where I might stop to breathe the morning air wafting on an ocean breeze or listen to the wind as it rustles through the trees.


Oh, I still love the sameness in my life, the daily routines I happily journey through for in that sameness I can always find a bit of magic too.


But it’s nice to know that sameness doesn’t have to be steadfast….allowing me a little bit of future magic each morning as I step out of my past.

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