I am not ashamed…no, I am not too proud to admit sometimes I don’t know the difference between an angel…and a cloud.


This morning when I looked up at the sky…oh what a wonder I did see.  

All the clouds were moving with the wind…but one was hovering over me.


This cloud didn’t act like all the other clouds…she stayed there floating free.

I’m pretty sure this cloud had wings…she looked like an angel to me.


She flew over me my entire walk…soaring like a bird.

She never left my sight…she never said a word.


And I began to wonder if we all have a guardian angel who in our life is intertwined…is it possible this morning…in the clouds…I got a glimpse of mine?


And though the evidence was circumstantial it led me to conclude this indeed was my guardian angel…and I was filled with gratitude.


As I say I’m not ashamed…I am not too proud…for even though I think she was my guardian angel…she could have also been a cloud.


As I was wrestling with this dilemma a lone white feather fell out of the sky…and when I picked it up…I smiled…knowing my guardian angel was nearby.

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