They loved receiving gifts from their Grandma and Grandpa but as birthdays and holidays flew by they noticed they never gave each other gifts…one day…they asked them why?


Grandma and Grandpa smiled as their memories began to drift.

We decided every day we get to spend together, they said…that would be our gift.


“And so we made a covenant that we would find a way to show each other we loved each other a little each and every day.


To give each other at least one gift of love before each day is through.

Not necessarily with the things we buy…but by the little things we say and do.


A smile, a kiss, holding hands, a touch…although they may seem small, 

we have found throughout the years are the greatest gifts of all.


We discovered just by the little things we do or something simple we might say we can make every day that we’re together into a holiday.


Their grandparents are both gone now but their grandchildren still like to boast…that the little gifts of love they gave them…are the ones they cherish most.


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