I’ve often wondered where art originates.

How much of it is planned…how much of it is chance.

Until I discovered it’s origins sprinkled in the dance.


An artist was asked about a painting he just finished…

a painting with only the moon and stars for light…

Why, with so much beauty in the day, had he chosen to paint the night?


“I watched a woman dancing under the stars.” The artist replied

I watched how in the moonlight her shadow was enhanced…

I knew I had to paint the kind of beauty …that could entice a shadow to dance.


A poet was asked why she created a particular poem.

What inspired her to write…about the stars and the moon and with her words…capture the essence of the night.


“I saw this painting of the moon on a starry night.” The poet replied

I thought….what a serene and beautiful time.

and when I sat down to write a poem…

my words danced into rhyme.”


A composer was asked why he wrote a specific song

How did he find a way 

to write a song that, when we hear it,

makes us want to dance the night away..”


“I read this beautiful poem.” The composer said.

about a woman dancing under a moonlit sky

and as I read the poet’s words the music floating right before my eyes”


A dancer was asked about her dancing

Why, when she could dance under the lights, did she choose to do her dancing

under the moon and stars…at night.


“I heard this beautiful music.” She replied…”and I was immediately entranced.

It was the music that guided me under the moon and inspired me to dance.”


This is how I discovered how something as complex as art… 

has an affection…an affinity for chance

That can begin with something as pure…as beautiful, 

and as simple…as a dance.



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