I just happened to grow up this way…it’s not something I was taught…

but when it comes to my food preferences…epicurean I am not.


Some people like to separate their food…they think that’s the way it taste great…

I approach this from a different angle…I mix everything on my plate.


I don’t know how to explain it but to me a meal isn’t splendid

until all the food groups set before me have come together and been blended.


I have a friend, he is a food critic, who thinks most meals I disgrace…

I only know when I mix everything together…I love the way it tastes.


I love the way the colors blend but what I truly savor

is how, with every bite, I get a different blended flavor.


Deborah says it’s like feeding a dog but I am not subdued

I mean…show me any dog out there who doesn’t love their food!


Again I can’t explain it but to me it’s easily comprehended

and I make no apologies for loving food that’s all been blended…


I don’t expect everyone in the world to eat their food this way

(that would be nothing short of rude)

but I do think it would be wonderful if everyone in the world

blended together…as easily as my food?




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