I have this exercise I do…it’s an exercise in my mind…

I do it whenever I feel I’m losing may ability to be kind.


I simply look around me from the ground to the sky above

and I begin to list in my life…all the things there are to love.


I love my wife, my children, my grandchildren…

looking at old photographs.

I love watching people holding hands and anytime a baby laughs.


I love the moon, the stars, the clouds, the sun that hover in the sky

I love ice cream, cake and cookies…

I love peach cobbler, and apple pie.


I love animals that fly, run, swim, slither, crawl or hop around

I love animals that are loud…and those that never make a sound.


I love insects…ladybugs and moths…butterflies and bees.

I love all the different flowers and any kind of tree.


I love a hot summer day and a snow white winter freeze

I love the oceans and the mountains…the rivers and the seas.


I love drinking water, root beer and an occasional sweet iced tea.

I love watching cooking shows, British mysteries and reruns on TV.


I love to laugh sometimes so hard I shake from my shoulders to my belly.

I love picnics…eating sandwiches made with peanut butter and jelly.


I never get to finish my list because by this time in my mind…

I’ve already forgotten what it was that made me feel unkind..


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