She noticed the old man in the park…she saw him ever day

He’s always there at the same time she brings her child to the park to play.


Today she sat down next to him as she watched her child play

“I was wondering,” she asked the old man, “why do you come to this park every day?”


The old man smiled at the question, he said, “Young lady, I’m glad you asked.

“I come here every day to visit the memories I’ve amassed.


You see long ago there was this woman I fell in love with…

Yes, I think this is a good place to begin.

She never needed the sun or the moon to shine…she lit up from within.


She was like no other woman…you might say she had her own uniqueness.

She was strong when she needed to be strong but not afraid to show her weakness.


She lived every moment to the fullest…or at least, I know, she tried.

which meant, depending on the moment, she could laugh as easily as she cried.


Through all our years together…as we raised our family

she let me take care of her…while she took care of me.


This park is where we met…it’s where I got down on one knee

It’s where I first told her I loved her…it’s where I asked her to marry me.


I come here to think about all the ways my life’s been blessed…

I come here because it’s a place where my memories and I can rest." 


I come here because I miss being with her…I hope you understand…

I miss sitting with her on this bench…I miss her holding my hand.”


The young woman nodded then did something spontaneous…

something she hadn’t planned

She reached across that park bench and held that old man’s hand.


She kept staring straight ahead…

as they sat there watching her chid for a while..

and out of the corner of her eye…

she could see that old man smile.

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