People often ask the old woman how she’s able to embrace 

a world where troubles surround her with a smile on her face.


“I once thought I was a unique individual,” the old woman smiles, 

“And to some extent I think that’s true

But upon further reflection I realized…I smile because of you.


Not just you…but you…and you…and you…

Shall we do the math…

The reason I’m still smiling today is because of every you 

who ever crossed my path.


You…my parents who gave me my smile…

you who raised me with dignity and grace…

You…my own family and friends who have kept that smile on my face.


You…the people whose lives touched mine if only for a little while…

you…who even when you didn’t know it…added to my smile.


You…my teachers…for you are all my teachers

Today…and in the past…

The wisdom I’ve obtained from you has made my smile last.


My smile didn’t get here by itself…my grin from ear to ear

It’s been nurtured since the time when I was young…

I’ve been growing it for years.


"So I leave you with this bit of wisdom.” The old woman always says.

“That I am certain to be true.

I would not be smiling today 

If it weren’t for you

and you

and you.


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Kids Make Me Smile

They are my "you".