When you meet another person and your lives are intertwined

you don’t think much about the memories that person will leave behind…


You’re too busy enjoying this roller coaster of life you’re riding on

to think what your life would be like if this person was ever gone.


Big Nana is what we called her…it’s the only name we ever knew.

That’s what our grandchildren called her…so that’s what we called her too.


We used to see her often at family gatherings…birthday parties and soccer games.

We loved how when the children would see her they’d excitedly call her name.


Big Nana they would yell!

Big Nana they would shout!

And we would stand and wonder as all this love came pouring out.


Big Nana was like a flower…constantly in bloom

A smile from Big Nana could light up any room.


Big Nana loved to take care of others…Big Nana loved to cook

(And Big Nana was one of only a handful of people who ever read my book!)


But families are unpredictable…they have a way of changing course

and any future time we had with Big Nana was lost in a divorce.


And though it’s been years since I saw her last

since our lives were side by side

I was overwhelmed with sorrow when I heard Big Nana died.


But I feel blessed to ever have known her…

Blessed for the little while our two lives were aligned 

and blessed to have so many memories

Big Nana left behind.


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