Our love of music begins early…as in our mother’s womb we lie

and from somewhere in the distance we hear a muffled lullaby.


Soon we are soothed within her arms as she gently rocks us in the den

and we fall asleep as we hear her sing that lullaby again.


And we hear music all around us in our nursery where we lie…

We are like the bird who learns to sing before she spreads her wings to fly.


And even as we grow older we find music everywhere

In the oceans, in the trees, in the mountains, in the air.


Music is so vital to us that once we’ve spread our wings and flown

we sing, we write and we create instruments to make music of our own.


So now when nature plays her music…her symphonies…her songs

we not only have the ability to listen…we also play…and sing along.


Through the years our taste in music changes as we change…as we grow

but music still accompanies us…wherever we may go.


There is one type of music, however, as other notes rearrange

that remains with us forever…that will never alter…never change.


For when it’s time to leave this Earth…when it’s our turn to say goodbye…

we close our eyes one last time…listening to our mother’s lullaby.

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