On my walk the other day once again in the early morn

I realized the shoes I’m wearing are the only shoes I’ve ever worn.


I’ve never walked in a Native American’s shoes…never felt the back of America’s hand

as the ones who came here after me threw me off my land.


I have never worn the shoes of an immigrant…never felt their sorrow or their strife

having to leave a country they love…to search for a better life.


I’ve never walked in a black person’s shoes…never worried in my daily nine to five…

never wondered as I started my day….if I would make it home alive.…


I have never walked in a woman’s shoes…I’ve never been downcast

at being paid less for doing the same job as a man…

I’ve never been sexually assaulted or harassed.


I’ve never walked in a poor person’s shoes 

never braved the winter cold or summer heat

without a house to call my own…without enough food to eat.


I’ve never walked in a gay or lesbian’s shoes…never felt societies shove

just because they see me as different…just because of who I love.


I’ve never walked in a Muslim’s shoes…never thought I would see the day

people wanted me out of this country…just because of the way I pray.


I never walked in a policeman’s or a soldier’s shoes

Never felt their fear, their pain, their strife…

I’ve never had anyone shoot at me

never feared for my well being or life


Yes, my shoes have been quite comfortable…every shoe I’ve ever bought

but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to the voices of the people whose shoes are not.


So I will use my vote…I will raise my voice

I will stand behind…or in a protest line

working and praying for the day everyone’s shoes

are as comfortable as mine.

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