If we’re lucky we have many blessings that throughout our life arise.

and sometimes the most wonderful of these are the blessings in disguise.


A time when things seemed to be falling apart at an extremely rapid pace

when…what we actually found…was they were falling into place.


A time when despite a misfortune…we kept going…we grew…we succeeded!

A time we did not get what we wanted…which was exactly what we needed.


A mistake that taught us a lesson, perhaps two…or even three.

A misfortune or a failure that turned into opportunity.


A defeat that didn’t stop us…because we persevered through our strife…

and learned a valuable lesson…how defeats are part of life.


How we can be resilient…how we can take a hit…

How a defeat can only define us…if and when we choose to quit.


A time we closed our eyes and wondered if we’d ever again experience life’s highs…

and when we opened them…to our amazement…we found a blessing in disguise.


Isn’t it amazing in life…that behind some of our misfortunes, 

some of our adversities…

our scares

If we look hard enough we can find a blessing hiding there.


Waiting patiently to help us overcome our darkness

when we have, in sadness, lost our sight.

Standing quietly in the background to lead us to the light.


And so today…in the midst of all our turmoil…

with every grief and misery that arise… 

as we search through the ruins left behind

may we find that blessing in disguise.



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