How many times in life is discovering the beauty…the grandeur…the sublime

just a matter of being in the right place at exactly the right time?


Take today for instance…in all the years we’ve been walking on this beach

All it’s vistas small and grand

until today we’ve never seen a starfish in the sand.


But today fate was generous…for, as our walk proceeded,

we saw a starfish swimming in a little pool created when the tide receded.


We were satisfied with our find…gratified and lighthearted…

but, luckily, the magic of the day was only getting started.


For walking down the beach behind us…straddling the shore

an old man who by the look of him had walked this beach before.


I brought his attention to the starfish somewhat stranded by the tide

and watched a smile fill his face and his two eyes opened wide.


I swear in that moment he seemed younger…his hair seemed a little less gray

when he told me his grandson was born 13 years ago on this very day.


He said he came to this very beach that day…to celebrate in the fresh salt air

and as we walked along the shore he saw starfish everywhere.


He said he hasn’t seen another starfish since as he’s been walking here these 13 years

and at that moment from his eyes escaping…I saw tears.


“So this is a good sign,” I said, “finding this starfish by the sea.”

“Tell your grandson Happy Birthday!”…and I left him with his memory.


It was the end of a beautiful morning where happiness seemed to drift in on the breeze 

and when I looked back I saw the old man laughing…in the sand down on his knees.


And I had to thank my lucky starfish for helping me discover the beauty

the grandeur…

the sublime

by putting me in the right place…

at exactly the right time.

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