When she was young after their bedtime story was read

and she began to count her sheep

her mother would sit by her bed and hold her hand until she nodded off to sleep.


Her mom was there to comfort her when each day was through…

“I’ll always be here to hold your hand,” she’d say,

“because that’s what mother’s do”.


For years this was their nightly routine…when each day was through

until she thought it silly…until it was something she outgrew.


Then came the moment they were to say goodbye..

and when it was time for her mother to count sheep…

she was there to hold her hand…as she nodded off to sleep…


Her mother looked into her eyes moments before her life was through

“I’m here Mom.” she said, “to hold your hand,…because that’s what daughters do”.


And while she held her mother’s hand…and felt her breathe her last…

she also felt a link to all the mothers and daughters in her family…

who have held hands in the past.


And she smiled through her tears…as not another word was spoken

proud to be a part…of a chain that stayed unbroken.


That night after reading her daughter a bedtime story

and watching her count her sheep

she held her hand as she always did

until she nodded off to sleep.


Happy to be there to comfort her when her day is through

knowing they will always be there for one another…

because that’s what mothers and daughters do.

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