When I was just a little tyke…I imagine around two

My parents told me if I make a wish upon a star…there’s a chance it would come true.


To a child that was magical!  

I didn’t have to travel very far.

All I had to do was close my eyes and take a deep breath to make a wish upon a star.


And I kept my wishes coming…I couldn’t tell you the exact amount

because, as I say, I was a child and I didn’t know how to count.


When I grew a little older (not wanting to grow up too soon)

I thought, why make a wish upon a star…when I can wish upon the moon.


The moon is so much bigger and has a brighter hue.

Surely a wish made upon the moon…is a wish that will come true.


Still not all my wishes were granted…in fact…only a few

and I often wonder what would have happened if all those wishes had come true…


I mean that pet dinosaur I wished for absolutely would have been neat…

But how do you walk a dinosaur…and how much food does a dinosaur eat?


And that fire breathing dragon I wanted…to have…to hold…to keep

would have been great for roasting marshmallows…but where does a dragon sleep?


Still…whether or not they are realized we need wishes…we really do…
because wishes lead to dreams….and dreams sometimes do come true…


So at 67 I’ll continue making wishes…still hoping not to grow up too soon…

little wishes on the stars…and big ones…on the moon.


Knowing I’ll find a leash big enough to walk my dinosaur

even though feeding him wouldn’t be cheap….

and dreaming about eating toasted marshmallows every night

before my dragon and I fall asleep.


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