An old picture shared on Facebook…stirred my heart, my soul…by brain

and immediately sent me on a trip…a trip down memory lane.


We were all so much younger…the six of us standing there.

Our children were still children…and I had much more hair.


A trip down memory lane makes you wonder…

especially when it’s a picture you’re looking at….

You wonder, what were we doing, where where we going

and did I really where an outfit like that!


I don’t remember the exact year…no matter how much effort I exert

I suppose it was a time in fashion…where a man’s shoes had to match his shirt!


But I do remember the people…they’re forever etched in my brain…

I remember the smiles on their faces…on this stop down memory lane.


I remember it was a beautify day…with warm and balmy weather…

but memories are like colors in the wash…then tend to run together.


I think we were heading to Busch Gardens…amusement park rides to endure…

I want to say that’s where we were going…but I really can’t be sure.


We could have been going for ice cream…for a boat ride on the sea…

We could have been white water rafting….or it could have been all three.


It seems when we’ve been blessed with a host of wonderful memories…

set adrift in our cognition….

whenever the opportunity arises…they jockey for position.


And you as the person remembering are totally unaware…

as one memory blends into another….both happy to breathe fresh air.


Which means when I look at this wonderful old picture

of three friends…two girls…one boy

I may not remember exactly where we went

but I’ll never forget our joy.


And isn’t that what’s most important…

how somehow the joy remains

even if the details are a little sketchy….

on a trip down memory lane.

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