Our children and grand children have all grown…

which is as it should be…I don’t mind

but every now and then I miss the innocence they left behind…


It’s not that their innocence is gone forever. They will always have a trace…

It’s just that as they all grow older…other feelings take its place…


It’s funny as a father then grandfather…as our children and grandchildren grew…

once their innocence became a little buried…some of mine did too.


But yesterday for a little while…my circumstances turned

when a friend visited with Jaxson, her grandson…and my innocence returned.


We played with toys our children played with…matchbox cars, a ball…a train

but the most fun we had was outside…when I taught him how to make it rain.


I showed him how to hold the hose…”straight up like this”…I explained…

“and when you press the lever here…you can make it rain”.


At his age he doesn’t say a lot of words that is until we made it rain…when

I heard him say as plain as day…again…again…again.


And so we made it rain again and again…and again

the old man and Jaxon who’s about to turn three

Until a little rain was not enough and he turned the hose on me.


And so for the next few moments our destinies were set

and when the rain subsided…we both were soaking wet.


He waved as his grandmother took him home to change 

and with water dripping off my back

I waved goodbye to Jaxson…

as I welcomed my innocence back.

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I applaud your rhyming

I applaud your rhyming strategy in the couplet that uses when/again.  Choosing a sound rhyme rather than a sight right goes back to Prudentius in the fourth century A.D., when it was considered radical. 


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