It’s a scary, helpless feeling being bullied.

You feel like the biggest coward the world has ever seen…

If you have ever been bullied…you know exactly what I mean.


I was a whole lot younger when a bully took my money every day

and the guilt and sadness I felt back then has never gone away.


I never told my friends or family…I was too ashamed

and though his face pops from my memory every now and then…

I long ago forgot his name..


But I’ll never forget how he made me feel…and all he took from me

for not only did he steal my money…he stole my dignity.


He made me feel weak and frightened…and I am still appalled 

at how he made me feel inferior…how he made me feel small.


So when I see bullies out there today

with guns, with intimidation…searching for respect they have not earned…

I’d like to share a little wisdom about bullies I have learned:


Bullies prey on our weaknesses and in doing so they think they’ve won

but a bully will back down when we stand together as one.


Because despite how they portray themselves…

a bully is not strong, or confident…or wise

a bully is just a coward…the bully is his disguise.


So I will stand with anyone standing tall 

for Black Lives Matter…

for Native Americans…for women

for anyone oppressed or bullied…in this land…

having finally learned a lesson

it took me 50 years to understand.

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This poem really touched my

This poem really touched my heart.  I was bullied relentless in sixth and seventh grade; and again during my sophomore year during which to ot he varsity starter athletes actually spit on me during a physical education class.  (I used to dread those classes, in which I was always the last to be chosen for a team, but always the first to be shoved around for missing, or dropping, the ball.)  I am sorry to hear you, too, had to experience this too often tolerated abuse, especially among school students.


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