I love to walk before the sun comes up…with the stars and moon on high

to walk along deserted streets while darkness fills the sky.


As I listen to the morning birds sing from the protection of their trees.

I feel free…

I feel safe…

I walk with dignity…

I walk with ease.


I feel alive…I feel exhilarated……everything in the world seems right

as I walk alone…in the shadows…somewhat hidden by the night…


But then again I have nothing to worry about…

on a round trip from my home and back….

and I can only imagine how different I’d feel…

If I was a woman…

if I was black.


Our society has made it’s fair share of mistakes

none bigger than how we do not treat everyone the same…

We divide ourselves up irrationally

by color, 

by sex 

by religion

by sexual preference

by name.


Which has made it comfortable for me

without a worry or a fright

not to give a second thought to my safety

as I walk the streets at night.


But I hope and pray someday soon this will change

that for our past sins we will atone…

and in the early morning darkness

I won’t have to walk alone.

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