I am in awe of silence…in her perplexity…

There is both a beauty and a mystery in her tranquility.


Have you ever sat in silence with someone you love…

or hoped a silent moment would never end?

For it’s in moments such as these when silence is your friend.


Have you ever stood hypnotized in the midst of a silent snow?

or watched clouds silently changing shape as they’ve drifted to and fro?


Have you ever felt the awkward silence that accompanies a first date?

or tiptoed through the silence when you arrived home a little late?


And there is a type of silence no one should never miss…

The silence one experiences…the moment before a kiss.


In the aftermath of a death, the ultimate silent tragedy,

have you ever felt the silence become your enemy?


Sadness arrives in silence, for there is a silent moment when...

you realize you will never see or hear or touch that person you loved…again.


And even though they may be gone…it matters not how many years

it is in the silence of our loneliness where we cry our deepest tears?


But silence doesn’t stay our enemy for long…she soon reminds us she’s our friend

for it is in the silence of our slumber…when our heart begins to mend.


And soon we’re comfortable again in silence…content because we know

it’s in the silence of the evening when trees begin to grow?


It’s in the silence of the morning that the flowers create their blooms

and the miracle of life begins in the silence of a mother’s womb.


So the next time you’re sitting quietly with the one you love

or on a silent stroll….

remind yourself where love begins…

in the silence of your soul.

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