I’ve been blessed to have spent my life with someone who has a host of favorites from which to choose…

Favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite houses...favorite shoes.


Favorite authors, favorite actors, favorite places…favorite things to cook

Favorite music, favorite movies, favorite animals...favorite books.


I used to tease her about having so many favorites…all in affectionate fun

Telling her she had too many favorites and she needed to narrow them to one.


But the more I’ve watched her over the years finding so many favorites as our life has moved along

I’ve come to believe that she is right and I’m the one who’s wrong.


I have come to believe it is she…not me…who is sensible and wise

as she observes the world around us through beautifully innocent eyes.


Reminding me as we travel the road of life, as we somehow muddle through it

It’s not only important what we see, but how we choose to view it.


How wonderful it is for her...how extraordinarily rare

to go through life, to look around….and find favorites everywhere.


Imagine the anticipation...the excitement you’d feel every day

If you know in the morning when you wake up…this could be your favorite day.


Imagine if you were open to it...if you were so inclined

all the miracles you’d discover...all the favorites you might find.


If you can find favorites in the moment...in what that moment has comprised

you will be continually amazed at life and constantly surprised.


You’d fall asleep at night contented, happy, thankful, satisfied,….and then

you’d wake up in the morning and start all over again.


So the next time she picks a favorite...I have no reason to tease or doubt her

because having so many favorite things…

is one of my favorite things about her.

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