A walk along the beach…with someone whom I love

is just one of the many things I will never tire of


I’ll never tire watching the waves as they paint their watercolor patterns on the land,

the taste of salt upon my lips 

or making footprints in the sand.


I’ll never tire of the wind…

how it quickly changes from a bluster to a gentle breeze 

as it scampers across the sand 

and exits through the trees.


I’ll never tire of searching for that unique shell 

one I’ve never seen before

or wondering how all these shells have found their way onto this shore.


I’ll never tire of the clouds and sky and the grandeur of the view

of how the white sands of the beach blend with the ocean and sky blue


There is a simple beauty here

It is soothing



It always amazes me when waking on the beach

how wonderful I feel.


and how blessed I am to be sharing this walk 

with someone I love…

perhaps the most important thing…


I will never tire of…

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