I have been fortunate to witness many forms of love in my life

sometimes I feel as if I’m living in a storybook

because, like the pages in a fairy tale,

love is everywhere I look.


Take the other day in a restaurant

Love was there for me to see

In a father and his daughter…

who were sitting across from me.


I’m certainly no expert…

but when it comes to love…I have seen much…

enough to recognize it in a daughter’s hug…

and the gentleness of a father’s touch. 


Enough to know its grandeur…

its shape, 

its charm…

the beauty of its style

as I saw it carved upon their faces 

and etched upon their smiles.


Enough to see when a father and daughter sat together…

how delightfully they synthesized

Enough to watch their love rise up

and rest within their eyes


And though I did not listen in

(It was not for me to hear)

I saw love pass between them

When she whispered in his ear.


Once again I was in the presence of love.

It never fails to astound me…

It seems wherever I am…if I open my eyes

love…is all around me.


For when she whispered in her father’s ear

when I watched a beautiful moment shared

As I sat there…in that restaurant

I knew



is everywhere.

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