I was brought up quite religiously…

I was taught heaven was somewhere in the sky.

Where if a person was good down here on Earth, 

there was a place for them on high.


A place where we will walk among the softness of the clouds

in a paradise floating above…

where miracles happen every day

and where we’re always surrounded by love.


When I grew up and began to think for myself

to question…to clarify

I kept returning to the concept of Heaven…and began to wonder why?


Why do we look up to Heaven, for when we look straight ahead, 

side to side…up or down

there are a myriad of miracles to see…right here on the ground.


Look at the diversity of life created right here beneath our feet

from natures beauty that surrounds us to the daily foods we eat.


I have been at the birth of my children and grandchildren 

and don’t think it’s preposterous to say

in the maternity ward of a hospital you walk among angels every day. 


I’ve experienced love

I’ve seen beauty, 

I’ve seen a family grow and blossom and thrive

I’ve seen sunrises and sunsets and rainbows,

all while I’m still quite alive.


I wonder if I’ve had this concept of Heaven all wrong…

if religions aren’t a little remiss

for when I look around at the blessings in my life 

I wonder…can it get any better than this?


Sure there may be a Heaven high in the sky 

which we may experience in our rebirth

but let’s not forget…while we’re alive

the Heaven…

right here 


on Earth.

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