If I may be so bold…when you start to get a little old

you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night.

But for whatever reason…depending on the season

you may be treated to some fascinating sights.


Up last night it caught my eye…the moon up in the sky

because the light outside seemed to be flowing.

It came as a surprise to me 

when I stepped out on the porch to see

the ground, the sky and all the trees were glowing.


When I stand in the glow of the moon oftentimes I swoon

as I’m reminded of a place from long ago.

Where I was happily creating 

with friends whom I was skating a rink…its name…Moon Glow.


I remember the freedom of the skate…sometimes I’d have a date

I remember sweating…skating backwards…having fun.

I remember gliding, falling down and then…

getting up…skating again

I remember dance contests and races I never won.


Every now and then when blinded…by the night…it’s good to be reminded

of the innocence of youth from long ago

A time of no responsibilities…

when we skated round and round with ease…

Perhaps that’s why I love the moon glows so.


And though my skates are now retired…my skating days expired

when I wake up in the middle of the night I never know…

what beauty I will see…spreading out in front of me


Like the nights when the ground, the sky and all the trees begin to glow.

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