On the porch last night I felt a familiar pull when I noticed through the clouds how the moon was full.


As I listened to each song the crickets sung…I remembered back to when our son was young.


As we sat on this porch at the end of the day he asked me, “Dad, why does the moon fade away?”


“I’ve seen it many times at night and noticed something is not quite right.”


“What makes the moon go out and then…what makes it come back on again?”


“Don’t worry son,” I said, “don’t feel perplexed.  “The moon that sines has not been hexed.”


“Once a month the moon is full…and we all enjoy her brilliant glow.”


“Then gradually she becomes less round..because the moon’s light bulb is running down.”


“The man in the moon does not mope or pout…he waits patiently till the moon is out.”


“Then he reaches into his overalls pocket…and pulls out a new bulb for the moon’s light socket.”


“He screws it in and there you are…the moon again is a shining star.”


I suppose as an answer to my son’s inquisition… I could have explained how the Earth. the moon and the sun all change positions


I could have told him that the moon he sees…changes relative to his geometries.


But one of the reasons for a parent’s creation…is to stimulate their children’s imagination.


And could there be a better way…than watching a full moon fade away….


And now years later I wonder as he sits on his porch listening to the crickets tune…

if he still looks for the man in the moon…


Hoping tonights the night he comes into view…


If he does he’ll be glad to know…that I do too.

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